AZUSA ( — It looked like a routine traffic jam in LA but it suddenly turned dangerous. A woman captured tense moments on the 210 Freeway with her cell phone. The confrontation was triggered by the common practice of lane splitting by motorcyclists.

In the video it appears a white car is blocking the motorcyclist from lane splitting. Then the driver and motorcyclist get into it.

“We were in the carpool lane and I noticed three cars ahead of us – the white car kept moving over and blocking all the motorcyclists that were driving by. By the ninth one I started video taping,” Natalie Bock said.

Another clip, same scenario, same area on the 210 eastbound in Azusa. A different motorcyclist is stuck behind the white car and the driver is blocking the lane. The motorcyclist maneuvers around and it appears that the car swerves toward the motorcycle. Seconds later it happens yet again – the white car is riding the lane marker and the motorcycle rider can’t get around.

CBS2 showed the video to a few drivers – the reaction was the same.

“He’s going way over in the other lane too. He could even hit another car,” a driver said.

“That was dangerous – that motorcycle behind them seemed at risk and it was hard to tell what they were doing.” Lynda Rollins said.

Bock says she reported the driver to the CHP.

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  1. Does anyone know if this guy got caught?

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