Los Angeles’ Grove shopping mall has become one of the most famous city landmarks and destinations for not only visitors but locals. With its charm, old-trolley which makes its way through the outdoor mall, terrific shopping, next-door historic farmer’s market and much more, there’s plenty to see and do. If you’re looking to go shopping, there’s certainly no shortage either of great shops!
The Grove
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 900-8080

Apple Store

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Situated near the infamous fountain at the Grove is the Apple Store. The two story mega store is like their other stores where you can play around with their products, buy products, or even get support. Looking for your next iPhone? They can help. Or, are you looking to replace your charger or get a new case? This Apple Store can handle all of your needs. The beautiful glass facade only adds to the incredible beauty of the Grove’s interior walkway.

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J.Crew & J.Crew Mens Store

What once shared space with the J.Crew Women’s Store has branched out to its own individual shop directly across from The Grove’s fountain. Known as The Men’s Shop, J.Crew features all types of clothes ranging from button down oxford shirts to great fitting jeans, stylish jackets, tees, khaki pants, and even its own suiting and tuxedo shop in the back. The staff is extremely friendly and will make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. For women, the two story J.Crew store is one of the best shops in this outdoor mall. Shop everything from bridal dresses to tees, jeans, bottoms, shoes, accessories and much more.

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Anthropologie’s store at The Grove is huge. Featuring women’s clothing in a boho-chic look, as well as home furnishings, candles, interesting decorative books and more, it has been a staple of the outdoor mall for years. This eclectic store is a favorite for those simply looking for interesting desks, hooks to hang items, door knobs and other great decor.

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Barnes & Noble

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It’s pretty tough to find a bookstore these days, but Barnes & Noble has found a way to stay open with their huge store in the heart of The Grove. The two-story behemoth store is a major focal point here and features books of all kinds. Stop by, find the latest bestselling books and support this store which has seen closures all over the world due to a decline in paperback books.

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If you want to stay hip and in style, Topshop / Topman is the store to visit. With great fitting clothing for women and men of all ages, Topshop is geared for women, whereas Topman is one of the trendiest clothing shops in Los Angeles for men. And, with great prices, and great fits, it is well worth a visit. Find an eclectic array of clothes offered by this shop including styles that seem to change overnight. From ripped jeans one minute to suits and sturdy sneakers, suit shoes and more, the selection is certainly diverse. And, the quality isn’t too bad either for this London transplant.

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Crate & Barrel

Walking into Crate & Barrel can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for to furnish your home. After all, everything looks incredible. But, it’s better to shop at a store with more, than less. At The Grove’s flagshop Crate & Barrel store, find flatware, plates, couches, desks, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

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Nordstorm is easily one of the biggest draws of The Grove. Recently having gone through a major facelift, the store has come back bigger and better than before. Immediately upon entering, shoppers are immersed in a mecca for shoes to the left and jewelry and other accessories to the right. As you continue walking in, menswear is directly back on the first floor, whereas a huge selection of all types of top notch designer women’s clothes can be found on the 2nd floor. Shop basics, designer dresses, jeans, and so much more at this famed retailer.