SANTA ANA (  —   The OC Sheriff’s Department has a new officer and he’s beginning training on Monday.

Already, the new guy is trying to be best friends with everyone. (Yeah, he’s one of those.)

That’s because the office will become best friends — he’s a real dog. As in canine, aka K-9 officer.

Problem is, they don’t have a name for the 4-year-old Belgian Malinois.

So officials are asking the public for a suggestion. So far, more than 1,700 names have been suggested. The three names with the most “likes” on the department’s Facebook page will go to the K-9 unit for their consideration. (The Sheriff’s said they didn’t want to have to pick between “Peaches” and “Fluffy.”)

Think tough but likeable. So…..Whitney Lauren Aleah Mae Smith, sorry, but we’re pretty sure your pick of “Doggy McDogface” is not what the Sheriff’s had in mind.

Here’s a few facts about the new guy. He is very social and loves playing catch. But, he also doesn’t like to give the ball back. Hmmm. Catcher?

For a link to the OC Sheriff’s Facebook page, click here.




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