LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Sears is now selling “Free Palestine” t-shirts – and some shoppers are calling for a boycott over the move.

The department store’s website features more than a dozen search results for the word “Palestine”, including shirts that read “Free Gaza”, “End Israeli Occupation” and other similar phrases.

sears Calls For #BoycottSears Return Over Free Palestine Shirts

One shirt design features the image of a head-covered terrorist inside the shape of a Palestinian flag, while another shirt sports a clenched fist in the colors of the Palestinian flag.

Perhaps the most controversial item on the site is a shirt that reads “Free Palestine” over an image of the outline of the entire state of Israel.

palestine Calls For #BoycottSears Return Over Free Palestine Shirts

A shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Free Palestine” over the entire state of Israel is one of several on Sears’ website. (Screengrab via Sears.com)

The shirts all appeared to be sold by German clothing company Spread Shirt.

Jewish advocacy group B’nai B’rith issued a statement saying: “We are appalled at Sears jumping into a geo-political issue by selling glib t-shirts that proclaim ‘Free Palestine’ – seriously?”

After reports began circulating on social media, the hashtag “#BoycottSears” reemerged Tuesday morning.

The same hashtag was used back in February after Sears and other retailers announced they would no longer sell some items from Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories line.

Comments (6)
  1. Amish Car says:

    Still amused that these same folks calling for a boycott of Sears don’t seem to realize Amazon and Ebay carry the same items probably selling way more than Sears ever could. “You Can’t Fix Stupid” – Ron White

  2. So Sears got rid of Ivanka Trump merchandise and now sells stuff which demonizes Israel and promotes Palestinian propaganda. What a moral choice to make! The moral compass of our society – and that includes all the other western states who could be expected to live by previously well established standards – is so broken and the choices they make so asinine, no wonder more and more young people in the western world choose not to,have children.

  3. Tom Lawrence says:

    Boycott? You mean,. the very same people who say that boycotts are wrong? Really?

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