FULLERTON (CBSLA.com)  —  A SWAT team went door-to-door in Fullerton Sunday looking for four armed suspects.

KCAL 9’s Joy Benedict said officials also searched for the men by air.

Unintentionally, the SWAT officers scared some residents. They were walking around guns drawn having no idea where the men were hiding out.

“Seeing them walking in your yard with guns, suited up it’s kind of crazy,” said one woman.

Still, neighbors did their best to cooperate with law enforcement.

“It just shows they are committed to community to go yard-to-yard they’re gonna do what it takes to keep us safe,” said Mark Nunez.

Officers with North County SWAT locked down a 12-block area of Fullerton.

They searched every car attempting to leave the area for five hours.

For some it was like watching a TV or movie unfold

“It’s weird. Nothing  happens very much on this side of the neighborhood, at least.” said one man.

Police said the incident started about three miles away — in Anaheim. They said the four men approached a couple sitting in their car, came up and demanded cash at gunpoint

“They were approached by several subjects who took them out of the vehicle at gunpoint stole their cellphones and some personal property and fled in a vehicle,” said Sgt. Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim Police Department.

The speeding car ended up crashing into a mini Cooper being driven by Alexandrea Iles back in Fullerton.

“It hit me really hard. I spinned 180. Tthen they went over the fire hydrant and it kinda,  it went every where.” says Iles.

A perimeter was set up. Officers said they found a sawed-off shotgun.

After hours of searching, the four young suspects were still not found.

And even though the search kept dozens of people locked up inside their homes, these neighbors say they were lucky to have SWAT in the neigborhood to give them piece of mind.



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