SAN CLEMENTE ( — Possible human remains were discovered in a remote area of San Clemente on Thursday.

Someone from a local business saw bones after 2 p.m. and called 911. Sheriff’s deputies responding to the call had to be lowered by helicopter to get up close, placing crime scene tape around the outcropping of brush where the remains were spotted.

“It’s unusual. Nothing happens in San Clemente. We don’t even lock our doors,” said San Clemente resident David Koffs.

Neighbors say homeless people have recently set up camp not far from where the bones were found.

“There’s a lot of talk in town lately about the homeless encampments along Pico [Avenue],” said Tom Denault, a resident of San Clemente.

Sheriff’s deputies will spend the night guarding the crime scene until a forensic anthropologist examines the bones in the morning to determine if they are human or animal.


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