TORRANCE ( — A Torrance woman Tuesday recounted the horrifying moments after two intruders broke into her house.

Badly beaten, 73-year-old Judie Turner told CBS2’s Andrea Fujii that she could not recall everything that happened but did remember blood all over her bathroom.

“Just panic is what it is. I mean, it happened so quick that you don’t have a lot of time to think,” she recalled.

It was late Monday night when she said she heard strange noises and woke up to find two men in her bathroom.

“I guess he punched me in the face; he did something terrible,” she explained.

Within minutes, police arrived after they were called by a neighbor who had seen two men trying to break in, she said.

Police caught an 18-year-old suspect immediately. The other suspect, a 17-year-old, got away but police found him hiding in Turner’s garage rafters an hour and a half later.

Police said as he was being taken away, he told them he came to California because of Proposition 57, a law that allows for early release from prison.

Turner said she has lived in her house for 45 years, most of the time with her husband, a former Los Angeles police officer, who died a couple of years ago.

Despite what happened, she said she does not plan to move. “I’m doing as good as I can do. It takes a while to recover from a home invasion,” she added.

Comments (3)
  1. BJ McIntyre says:

    If this is NOT racial bias in reporting, PLEASE tell me what is?? What reason was there for you to show the mugshot of the African-American suspect (a minor) and not the 18 year-old suspect who is clearly White as discerned from the blurred footage? I feel you singled him out because of his race. You also use the African-American suspect as a cheap, conservative political point about Prop 57 (which is irrelevant to this story).

    Please check your racism CBS! Seriously! This is undeniable. I am appalled at how you didn’t even try to hide what you were doing. There is no reason to keep perpetuating racial bias. 2 people committed this horrible crime. They should both be shamed yet you guys made an executive decision to promote the narrative that African-Americans are dangerous so we barely hear about or see the White kid as most of the focus is placed on the Black kid, what he looks like, and I guess that he follows California voting closely. Check yourself CBS! For real.

  2. Mike Giles says:

    I’m glad that this lady has a vigilant neighbor, and that the police did a great job of catching these vicious criminals! We Need chain gangs out there in the hot sun doing hard work out there which this bankrupt state needs done!

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