LANCASTER ( — Cellphone video of a Lancaster High School student screaming profanities and racial epithets at a teacher made the rounds on social media Friday, with shares topping 4,000 shares on Twitter. Students and authorities are stunned.

In the footage captured earlier this week, the student, whose name has not been revealed pending confirmation of his age, can be seen entering an Eastside High School classroom behind the teacher. The video doesn’t capture what happened before the altercation inside, but it shows the visibly upset teen yelling and attempting to destroy objects in the room.

“You do not come up to me … get in my goddamn face,” the student screams directly in the teacher’s face. The relatively calm man then instructs him to sit down, prompting the student to threateningly yell at the teacher to sit down himself. Other students giggle in the background.

The teen can also be heard calling the teacher a “b***h” and the “N-word,” telling him to “shut the f**k up” before ripping something of a faucet in the room and kicking a wall. He eventually walks out, delivering a last epithet from the hallway.

Eastside High student Ashley Figgers says she doesn’t know what happened to him.

“He’s just, like, so sweet,” she tells CBS2 News. “You would never think of him doing anything, and then to hear this, it’s like, ‘Him? No!'”

Likewise, a watch commander with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station familiar with the student tells CBS2 News he was stunned at the news, claiming the boy is normally an upstanding student.

CBS2 News was still waiting to hear back from the school Friday evening.

Comments (13)
  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    And that’s why I’m not a teacher. I prefer to deal with third-level students as they have matured that bit more. To be honest, I’d have decked him for shouting in my face like that.

  2. Another mass murderer in training. That kid says he is “so sweet.” Obviously it doesn’t take much to get his fuse going. Why do white people allow their children so much leeway? He needs to understand structure and respect authority…his future is filled with bars at this rate. In fact, the school police SHOULD have been called and he arrested AND expelled the rest of the year.

    The update indicates the school will not allow him to march…WOW…what a punishment. He should be expelled and have to get a damn GED or retake his senior year.

    1. nancyjune says:

      The boy should do you jail time for a hate crime. You bet a swat team would descend on that school if he was Black and the teacher was White.

  3. Nathan Orr says:

    Any updates on his punishment? He should be arrested to send a message that the safety of our teachers is just as important as our police.

  4. “Normally an upstanding student?” My a** I had something similar happen to me a couple of months back and I was blamed for it. Student entitlement is out of control. It is time for teachers to stand up for themselves.

  5. Probably ASD. Looks like a classic meltdown.

    1. Rhea Sircher says:

      You can diagnose autism from this one video–aren’t you special. Guess you would tag him right away with a 504 and hope he never buys a gun. Please, there is a lot more to this type of behavior — parents with an attack attorney, judges with revolving door solutions and administrators who turn their backs to prevent low graduation rates. Someone needs to find out what is going on with this generation of kids before they do harm to themselves or others.