Bryan Altman

Over the last year LaVar Ball has made it very clear that he’ll say whatever’s on his mind, whenever he pleases, regardless of the potential consequences.

Now, with the NBA Draft looming and with the Lakers expected to take LaVar’s son, Lonzo Ball, with the No. 2 overall pick of the draft, Lakers executives are beginning to grapple with the very real and imminent reality of having to deal with LaVar’s antics for a very long time — and that’s assuming things go well for his son, Lonzo, on the court.

One man who will be tasked with quelling the outside noise created by the elder Ball will be Lakers coach Luke Walton. While nothing’s set in stone just yet, Walton seemed at ease with the idea of dealing with LaVar in a recent interview with TMZ, and for that he credits his father and his own outspoken nature.

“My dad’s got a big personality too,” Walton told a TMZ cameraman. So I’m used to that type of stuff. To me, I’m a fan of his (Lonzo’s) game and the way that he plays.”

While Walton’s point about his dad’s “big personality” is certainly accurate, Bill Walton has been a vocal presence in NBA circles for four decades and hasn’t ruffled feathers the way LaVar has in just a few short months.

“They’re both big personalities, they’re both outspoken, but that’s where I’d say the comparison goes,” Walton said.

Hopefully for Walton Lonzo plays well and LaVar stays quiet on basketball matters, but if not it seems like the Lakers’ coach is prepared for whatever LaVar throws his way.


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