CASTAIC ( — New research is giving us a better idea of the impact of self-driving cars and trucks, and how soon we may see changes.

A new report says it could cost Americans tens of thousands of jobs a month.

In the near future when you look at that truck driving down the freeway next to you, there may not be anyone behind the wheel. As companies race to get self-driving technology on the road, truck drivers may be the first to be left behind.

A study by Goldman Sachs Economic Research shows job losses could reach 25,000 a month or 300,000 a year.

Terry D. Kramer, of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, says it will happen, the question is when.

“When you have an autonomous vehicle, it can go 24 hours a day,” Kramer said.

The study says the world of trucks and cars will look a lot different in 2025.

Kramer points out there’s potential for fewer accidents and more productivity.








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