STUDIO CITY ( — Yasmine Staub and Darryl Wilson often hike Fryman Canyon in Studio City with their dogs and sometimes leave their valuables in the car.

“I wouldn’t expect that this is where I’m going to get ripped off,” Wilson said.

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But police said as the weather gets warmer, car break-ins soar. There were 172 vehicle burglaries in the last month in the North Hollywood area. Many of them happened at Fryman Canyon, according to police.

So Staub said she may hike with her pricey handbag instead of leaving it in the trunk. “Thinking that that’s the safe place but I don’t know anymore,” she said.

Walking around the parking lot, CBS2’s Andrea Fujii noticed many people left things out in plain sight, including Josh Fadem, who had a full back seat. “It’s all a bunch of expendable stuff. But I wouldn’t want to have to pay for a broken window,” he said.

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Police said once people park there, thieves know they will be gone for about an hour on their hikes.

Furthermore, the crooks may be watching when people hide things in their trunks, according to investigators.

But Rosie Buenrostro said her trunk is her best option. “If they’re going to get into the trunk, it’s not just a quick smash-and-grab; it takes longer.”

Staub said she has always felt safe, but to know that thieves may be watching her was unsettling. “That’s creepy,” she added.

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Police urged people to avoid leaving belongings in their vehicles even if they are not valuable.