INGELWOOD ( — Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters hosted a packed town hall meeting in Inglewood Saturday morning.

Thousands of her supporters, and a few protesters, crowded into the high school auditorium.

Laurie Perez spoke with Rep. Waters about what some are calling her breakout moment as one of the nation’s loudest critics of the president.

Waters, who represents California’s 43rd District, made a rock star entrance into the Inglewood high school auditorium bringing back to L.A. the “impeach trump” rallying cry that has catapulted her from hometown heroine to political “it girl.”

“Donald Trump, I’m coming for you!” Waters shouted.

“Auntie Maxine” as some now call her has become the poster child for those resisting the president’s policies. But her opponents posted what some were calling unflattering and racist posters of Waters that were quickly taken down.

“In this business you expect there are people who disagree with you or even hate you,” Waters said. “I put everything on the line, I’m going for it [because] I cannot suffer him, I’m so offended by him and the way he’s conducted himself, the way he disrespects people and to add insult to injury he doesn’t respect the government, he doesn’t know anything about it.”

A handful of trump supporters sat in the crow though not for long, police escorted them out after a disturbance. The majority came to hear about housing, healthcare, the economy and more generally, what to make of a president not many here support.

“We looking at the next election 2018 we’re hoping to take the house back as Democrats because we have shown he is not fit to hold this prestigious office,” Rahman Abdul Diop said.

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  1. Ron Moon says:

    Listening to Auntie Maxine and her rants the other day wraps the Politics of all this Trump/Comey stuff up in a Nutshell…but then again its Maxine… We should probably give her a break. Shes a goof-ball.. you can almost hear the black community saying…. “Maxine…. Just shut up…. You goof-ball”

    Plus…. CNN sources say that there’s a new Facebook study that shows that there are more whites that did not graduate from college then there are blacks who did not graduate from high school…. that care more about………

    their next co-pay… then they do about Trump v Comey…

  2. She is a straight- up racist. Hey, Maxine? What are you doing about Putin invading Korea?
    She is an embarrassment.

  3. So, she gets protested and trolled brilliantly, and the MSM gives a VERY BRIEF blurb and they are removed by the cops. However, they have wall to wall coverage everytime it happens at a Republican’s townhall, but no, we aren’t supposed to believe there is an overt bias in the media.

  4. The whole thing can be summed up by the last quote in this story….”We Looking” LMAO!!! Can You Say IGNORANT??

  5. Show the poster! Unsavoryagents at Facebook!

  6. I would like to challenge Maxine to a debate on her ridiculous pronouncements, anywhere, anytime. She speaks loudly from her own ignorance. She needs to put up or shut up.

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