ADELANTO ( — Lynn Ticas is hearing-impaired, and so are her boyfriend and their roommate. So when several people tried to break into their Adelanto home in the middle of the night late last month, their guard dog, Bella, was the only one who heard the intruders.

“She kept barking, kept coming closer to me, kept barking,” Ticas said through an interpreter.

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Ticas and her boyfriend immediately checked their security cameras and saw a woman trying to get into a window right where their roommate, Kenny Gody, was sleeping. They rushed to his room to warn him.

“Lynn was waking him up, and they’re telling him it’s not safe. The girl almost stabbed you with the one thing that she has in her hand,” Gody said through an interpreter as he showed CBS2’s Tina Patel some kind of large metal object.

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They ran outside and chased away the intruders, a woman and two men, who were trying to get in through the front of the house. It was only later they found the weapon the woman left behind. “Nothing happened, but I was lucky. I was scared. Kenny, she could have killed him,” Ticas said.

Ticas called police, who still have not tracked down the people who tried to break in, which is why she released her security video.

She is grateful that her family is OK, thanks to their brave dog and their surveillance cameras.

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“It’s for our own safety. If we didn’t, what could have happened? That’s scary, but thank God,” Ticas said.