By Rachel Kim

LA VERNE ( — People who live along Edgewood Drive in La Verne say bears are part of life in their community.

But police are now reminding everyone in the foothills that they need to be aware and extra vigilant after a bear killed a pet collie in a garage.

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CBS2’s Rachel Kim spoke to worried residents.

“We have two big dogs, but I mean, a giant bear, our dogs would get eaten so we keep them inside,” said resident Meredith Bowdle.

Police say a homeowner called them on Wednesday after hearing suspicious noises coming from the garage area. When officers arrived, they found the dog lying there with injuries. The staff at an animal hospital determined the dog was attacked by a bear.

“The bears have gotten a lot more aggressive,” said Vijay Kotrappa.

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Last week, a few streets over, Kotrappa’s security camera caught a large bear taking a dip in his pool. After a few leisurely minutes, it decides to get out, jump the wall and move on. He said it was too close for comfort, but nothing compared to what happened to his neighbor the day before.

“They actually called us to tell us they had the bear inside their kitchen. He’s actually gotten in. They had left their door open so he went into the mesh, and he was in the kitchen. The daughter was at home, she called the cops and all that,” Kotrappa.

And just Tuesday, not too far away in Bradbury, another up-close bear encounter.

This time, the bear came down from the San Gabriel Mountains, broke into a home and was later confronted by the homeowner’s dog. The pooch faced off with the intruder and eventually chased it around until the bear left.

Neighbors in this La Verne neighborhood are keeping a closer eye out for their unexpected visitors.

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Residents told Kim they know enough to keep their trash inside on trash day. Officials want to make sure everyone remains vigilant.