By Crystal Cruz

VICTORVILLE ( — A self-proclaimed proud nosy neighbor noticed something fishy about two men in a Victorville neighborhood and decided to keep his eye on them.

“I’m very nosy, and I’m very concerned about what goes on in this neighborhood,” Mark Martin said. “I have children, and there’s lots of kids in this neighborhood.”

Up to no good is what these two were doing Tuesday in Victorville. The men kicked in a door and realized the homeowner was inside.

“I was scared for my life,” homeowner Mary said. “I just thought ‘What is going on?’ You’re home all alone, and you never think something like this would happen to you.”

She and Rocky her German shepherd were inside and told the men where to go.

“I just screamed and told them to get the hell out of here, and I almost let my dog loose.”

Martin told his son Jeremy to shoot this video, and when Jeremy saw them kick in the door, he stopped filming and ran outside to get his dad.

“I know he’s very protective of the neighborhood, and so I know if I got him he would do something about it,” Jeremy said,

A few neighbors chased after the suspects and took photos of the green getaway van.

One neighbor says two men fitting same description recently knocked on his door. but he got nervous and told them he has guns and they’re loaded.

Call police if you know who these guys are.


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