AGOURA HILLS (    —  Nearly 100 students of an Agoura Hills elementary school have been ordered to stay home while the school deals with an outbreak of chickenpox.

CBS 2’s Amy Johnson spoke to concerned — and angry — parents Friday.

Ninety of the nearly 400 students of  the Mariposa School of Global Education are out because they haven’t been vaccinated. And they have been told to stay home for three weeks because three classmates have come down with the very contagious illness.

“I think it’s absurd. I really really do,” says parent Nikie DesRoches.

Her 5-year-old daughter, Cozy, has been banned for 21 days because she was not vaccinated .

“I personally believe that vaccines don’t work” says DeRochas, ” I think they are more dangerous than anything.  I feel like we are not a threat to the school.”

“There were three  cases of chicken pox,” says school superintendent Daniel Stepenowsky, “A kindergartener, a first-grader, a third-grader. The first case happened around mid-March. The student was immunized, however still contracted chickenpox.”

Stepenowsky is the superintendent of the Las Virgeness Unified School District.

“Given that there were three cases, given that they were in three different grades, the health department gave the directive to exclude students who are not immunized.”

Calls went out to the parents of the un-vaccinated students last Friday to begin the 21-day leave order. And letters went out to all other parents at the school including Bruce Zucker.

“I think the science is very clear,that vaccinations are good and not bad,” Zucker said.

The banned students are involved in an independent study  and are receiving school work packets so they don’t fall behind while they avoid or possibly spread the very contagious illness.

“Vaccination is the best way to prevent chicken pox,” says Dr. Tanya Altmann, “there is still a small chance that you can catch chicken pox after the vaccine.However, it is usually a much more mild case with fewer chances for serious infection.”

Cozy has a medical excuse from getting immunizations after an adverse reaction. Her mom says she misses her friends and wants to be at school.

“I had chicken pox I survived it. I’d would much rather her get it at  a young age than an older age,” said DeRochas.

A new law prevents religious beliefs as an excuse not to get vaccinated- but it’s important to mention schools only check for immunizations when a child is entering the school at kindergarten or seventh grade. So kids in first thru sixth grade don’t have to prove they’ve been vaccinated.

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  1. I can’t help but notice that those who choose not to vaccinate frequently say things like, “I believe…” and “I feel…”.

    Feelings and beliefs do not change the facts: Vaccines are one of the most studied and tested treatments in medicine, and the vast consensus of the data is that they work and are safe.

    So get your kids vaccinated!

    1. Please show me how “vaccines used today are one of the most tested and trusted medicines” How can people be so vaccine happy and not read. Vaccines happen to be the only medicine which is not tested with a control group, not tested to cause cancer, not tested in conjunction with how they are used (many at once). In addition, they gave aluminum and formaldehyde which you are injecting directly into the brain. Their effectiveness varies, MERK as been convicted of fraud for falsifying effectiveness of the MMR vaccine. So tell me again what the heck you are talking about as the most tested and trusted? Bunch of BS you are selling there, not matching the facts.

      1. Oh sweetie, please stop with the crazy. No, vaccines are not injected into the brain. As for controls, are you on crack? Here’s one of many examples: Not tested to cause cancer? Do you know how FDA regs work? The majority of drugs are not tested for carcinogenicity. Vaccines are essential, vaccines are effective, not enough are made anymore. My children are on the approved vaccination schedule. I am a pharmacologist, and yes, I *do* know what I’m talking about.

      2. xplorexpress says:

        Agree with you… and the one who don’t understand our body “physic” should abstain to comment agressively… ok, vaccines are not injected in the brain but we have what we call a circulatory system that carries everything from good stuff to toxins to the brain. There is aluminium and mercury in those vaccines… wake up dammit. And why is it always the vaccinated children who are sick? They should not be if the vaccine would be good. So stop insulting the intelligence of the ones who made the research and who love their kids enough to refuse to enter the “system” and obey orders to please the big pockets pharmas who don’t give a dam about your health.

    2. honestly? its because how vaccine pushers are so violent and scary. Most all science points to show they can be dangerous and can kill and its on the vaccine insert.

    3. Jennifer, the adjuvants allow them to cross the blood brain barrier

  2. My girls were NOT vaccinated. They were young at the time it came out- my youngest with a similar heart condition as Jimmy Kimmel’s baby. My oldest had just gotten over pertussis (got it just before her booster @ 18 mos), so we didn’t know how it would affect my girls. They have received every other immunization but that. I was a nurse-wanted them to receive all they needed. But at this time- it had only been out 2 weeks, their pediatrician & I both were concerned with the girls immune systems, & the affect on either the youngest’s heart, or the oldest’s lungs. There are times when the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease-which both girls did get, & now have what’s called “natural immunity”. No worries on if they will get chicken pox now that they are in their 20’s.

  3. While reject immunizations; would you reject other “shots” which put children and unborn children at risk? I know people who refuse Rhogam shots to prevent issues with RH affected pregnancies affecting the unborn baby…. I know the results and so does she ..yet she still gets pregnant and has endangered damaged babies if they live at all. There is a reason for some vaccines. You endanger other lives besides your own by refusing them.

    1. Dean Wiebe says:

      People are completely ignorant that the vaccinated commonly shed a live virus. The vaccinated should be staying home to protect the unvaccinated. We’re in Backwards Land.

      1. That’s just not true. With the chickenpox vaccine, for example, only11 people are known to have caught the disease through exposure to a vaccinated person—but that’s out of more than 50 million people who have been vaccinated. And even then, the vaccine is shed only in the case of people who develop a chickenpox-like rash following vaccination. That is why if a person recently vaccinated against chickenpox does develop a rash, they are advised to avoid contact with individuals with weakened immune systems. This information from expert Dr. Susan H. Wootton, associate professor at the University of Texas’ McGovern Medical School and a specialist in pediatric infectious disease.

  4. Mary Brown says:

    The first student to contract chicken pox was immunized… I wonder, Where did he contract it from then??
    (-Probably from one of those damn germy antivaxxers brats; Spreading diseases that they DON’T have!

  5. “Here’s why you don’t cant a case of the itchy chickenpox.” First of all CBS, hire a copy editor, maybe you won’t look like second rate hacks. Then, why didn’t the vaccine work? Probability rests with the time frame was less than 2 weeks or he had been exposed prior. I’m allergic to all the vaccines and have relied on the whole herd safety mentality. If a kid isn’t vaccinated, they need to keep them out of public schools.

  6. Richard Cox says:

    The amount of boundless stupidity from parents who refuse to vaccinate is mind boggling. Their epic idiocy puts other peoples’ children in harm’s way. How about a little prison time for those who put other people in jeopardy?

    1. Anne Temple says:

      By the way Richard — if your children were vaccinated, why would you be worried about putting other in jeopardy? Ridiculous statement.

  7. This is why we cannot let liberal snowflake idiots run the country.

  8. Suizou says:

    Vaccines did not save us. Two centuries of data:

  9. A problem with the chicken pox vaccine is that you will get painful shingles at a young age probably several times in your life times. a 3 day rash for the chicken pox but its 30+ days for shingles. They do advertise a shingles vaccine but its the chicken pox vaccine

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