PASADENA ( — It has been quite a week for Abraham Perez’s parents, who went from being worried sick about their son to being tearfully relieved.

The 21-year-old miraculously survived after losing control of his car on Angeles Crest Highway and plunging down a mountain.

“Thank you to all of those who helped my son and brought him back,” his mother Anabella Jones said.

“He’s gone for 24 hours, goes down a 75-foot ravine, and no one sees him. I mean he might be dead,” stepfather Greg Jones said.

But for more than a day, no one knew he was trapped inside his vehiche that had flipped over.

Perez had left for class at Pasadena City College Monday morning, and did not come home.

Friends and family posted to Facebook asking for help.

“It’s very hard because we don’t know where he is,” his mother cried. “I’ve seen so many accidents on the Crest. I was praying.”

Thankfully, her prayers were answered. But even Perez did not remember what happened.

County road workers spotted his car and called it in. A Los Angeles County sheriff’s rescue helicopter then pulled the college student to safety.

“For all those people involved, we thank you very very much,” the stepfather said.

“If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what could have happened to him,” the mother said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Perez was put in the intensive care unit being treated for broken bones and brain trauma.

His doctors said he will get better in time.

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