LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) – A man was airlifted to a Los Angeles hospital after two pit bulls attacked him and his Jack Russell terrier on Santa Catalina Island.

The attack, which occurred Wednesday on the Avalon Pier, was caught on cellphone video by a tourist.

The victim, John Brady of Huntington Beach, told CBS2 Thursday from his hospital bed that he had taken a boat trip out to Catalina with his dog, Josh. He said the two were strolling on the pier when two 11-year-old pit bulls went after his dog. When he attempted to protect Josh, the pit bulls came after him, ripping out a piece of his calf and biting both his arms, he said. Avalon Harbor Patrol officers eventually pulled the dogs off of him. Brady was airlifted to UCLA Harbor Medical Center.

“They attacked my little dog, Josh,” Brady said. “Almost killed him, almost killed me.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the pit bulls are owned by a woman who lives on a boat in Avalon. She agreed to have both of them euthanized, deputies said.

Brady told CBS2 he will have to undergo numerous surgeries. Meanwhile, Josh underwent surgery Thursday for a gash under his leg. He is expected to make a full recovery.

“My dog is alive, and I put my body over him because he’s my best friend in the world,” Brady said.

There was no word on whether any charges would be filed in the case.

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  1. pit bull problems….as usual

  2. put all of them down. be fore they kill more people.

  3. It’s a shame the woman who owned those pit bulls trained them to be aggressive, right?

    1. Charges need to be filed, and a civil lawsuit. She needs to lose everything she owns, if need be, to pay for the damages she has caused. This IS a pit bull problem, and it is also a pit bull propaganda and pit bull owner problem. There is no reason for pit bulls to live among civilized people.

  4. where is the link to the gofundme page? Can not find it. I had a JRT named ‘LD’ – he was attacked by a rottweiler/pitbull mix while the owners of the attacker of my dog just watched from across the street until I managed to get LD Away from him and passers by started screaming at them . The thing about Jack’s is that they think they are the size of a lion and can’t stand seeing their owners attacked, so, like in the video shows, even after being bitten by the pitbull, the JRT kept fighting until someone picked him off of the melee. These dogs have hearts of solid gold and are incredibly resilient – My dog had his left rear leg crushed, and healed from surgery like nothing ever happened. Good luck Josh

  5. Too bad Californians cannot arm themselves. A pleasant day at Catalina Island turns to pit bull horror. Where’s your Clint Eastwood gun when you need it?

  6. The owner should be expelled from the island permanently!

  7. Ban pit bulls!

    Why are we still breeding fighting dogs?

    1. Because there’s a $$ multi million lobby behind the breeding of pits. They have created a huge market for the dogs with their propaganda and lies. As long as the dogmen have the lobby $$ covering their backs and producing so many pit bulls they’ll never run out of dogs to fight, there will be dog fighting and injuries to innocents. Don’t be fooled, the nonprofits are making so much money that they knowingly and selectively transport aggressive pit bulls interstate to adopt them out because there’s that much of a market for them. The ads pleading for money showing pit bulls in deplorable situations bring in millions of dollars. Every single day, multiple times a day, people, mostly children and elderly, are attacked by these dogs. Dog fighting is a felony, so there’s no reason for the paraphernalia to be legal. SPCA, Humane Societies, veterinarian associations, and thousands of pit bull rescues all have the blood of innocent victims of these dog attacks on their hands.

  8. Hey Johnny,
    It’s Mike Miller. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Give me a call when you get out of the hospital. (909) 224-8045

  9. Despicable breeds…fighting breed dogs ie pit bulls do NOT belong in our neighborhoods. They need very much to be spayed and neutered out of existence. Vulgar breed indeed.

  10. This is what has happened since people chose to not have normal dogs anymore as man’s best friend. Leave the fighting dogs to be fighting dogs and be rid of them once and for all. There’s nothing like having a dog as a pet but this breed has long proven to be one huge mistake.

  11. Pati Hobbs says:

    Why does anyone own these dogs? There should be a ten thousand dollar dog license fee for that breed, and a mandatory jail time of fifteen years if you don’t license them. Price their desirability out of the market,. One station said they would not charge her of any criminal acts. Having any dog off the leash is a criminal act.

  12. Patti Anne says:

    The owner needs to serve jail time. She is completely obnoxious and a stupid ho — she knew it is illegal to have unleashed dog in public. Give her jail time – send a message to owners. Fences must be high and secured too, neighbors pit got loose and attacked another dog (a poodle) and gave it 20 stitches on its stomach and the owners hands were ripped up when she went to save her dog.

  13. Ben Lee says:

    Where are the dog leashes? Both parties should be controlling their dogs for the safety of others and their own dog. Dog fights have happened to me dozens of times when I was walking my dog on leash and stupid owners had their dog off-leash. Their dog rushed my dog and the dogs started fighting. It was totally unavoidable because the owners did not have their dogs on a leash and controlling them.

    The dogs were all different kinds of breeds but the dogs were territorial and aggressive. Many times one dog just starts barking and showing aggression. Then the other dog goes automatically into “fight mode” and this kind of stuff happens. Again, it could of been totally avoided if both owners had control over their dogs.

  14. Pamela Grove says:

    WHY in heaven’s name would a woman own not one but TWO dogs she can’t control, obviously at all? I also have a feeling she didn’t raise these dogs from little 8 week old pups because believe it or not, these dogs were originally NOT bred to be vicious to people. Not all that long ago, in the world of dog breeding, Bull Terriers (the correct name for these dogs) were OFTEN used as “nanny” dogs to watch out for little children. The dogs were NOT bred to be vicious, mean, attack animals. The years of being used to bait bulls (and I’m not 100% sure why you bait a bull anyway) were long gone. However then people, very nasty, greedy, horrible, disgusting people got their hands on some of them and completely messed with the breed. Just as BAD breeding has caused the skyrocketing of cancer and other medical problems in golden retrievers and multiple other breeds, unscrupulous breeders have caused GREAT damage in this breed. Sadly now no Bull Terrier should be trusted to be a “nanny” dog mostly because the background and ancestors of any one dog most of the time is so unknown. There is no way to bring to justice those who destroyed this breed. The only thing that can be done is to try and save or salvage the breed and regulate that ANY breeding for violence, fighting, aggression, or any other negative trait be banned and illegal but we all know how that goes, no matter how hard people try there are always those who are greedy and self-centered and think they can make big bucks raising these dogs to fight to the death. It makes me sick to the stomach. I won’t be happy until the very SAME penalty is applied for the malicious death of an animal to a person as it is for killing another human being. Anyone at all who has lived in a household with a dog as a true member of the family KNOWS that dog has every same emotion and feeling as a human has. The average dog has the intelligence of a three year old child, some even higher. What should happen to someone who kills, beats, neglects or abuses a 3-year old child?

  15. I agree the owner of the dogs should be in jail. Whenever I am walking my small dog and see a pitt I cross the street and get as far away as possible I don’t trust them.

  16. Tom Mullen says:

    Essentially this happened because a white trash woman, likely one time homeless who found refuge on a boat – who clearly had vicious dogs (doesn’t matter that their pits or collies) simply dogs with propensities to maim. They should have been put down a LONG time ago, why they weren’t is because this woman enabled them to live and create havoc. She needs to be criminally cited

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