MURRIETA (CBSLA) — A neighborhood near Murrieta briefly looked like a zoo when a zebra was spotted wandering the streets.

People in La Cresta are used to seeing horses, but not ones with stripes.

“Driving over here, and I’m thinking this has got to be a prank. No one’s got zebras here or any place else that I’m aware of other than the zoo,” said Nancy Risen.

She said she didn’t believe it when a neighbor first told her a zebra was on the loose Sunday morning. But then she saw it with her own eyes.

“The zebra got close to the car. Said hi, how are you? That kind of thing. It was priceless. A priceless experience,” Risen recalled.

Risen said she did not know that people were allowed to keep zebras. Riverside County Animal Services said there are no restrictions or permits needed to own zebras.

The agency said it was not contacted when the zebra got loose. Risen said that was because neighbors took it upon themselves to corral it and a few other ponies, which had also escaped their enclosure.

“You can always count on someone to help you. I can’t say how nice it is to have that with a neighborhood,” Risen added.

She took a photo of the animals being led back home, followed by a with a bale of hay in the trunk.

Now that she has seen how well behaved zebras can be, she would not mind having one.

“I would. But I think my husband would kill me if I brought home yet another large animal,” Risen joked.

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  1. You should be ashamed publishing a story on mixed race children.

  2. Let’s not be so judgmental. Maybe the zebra “self-identifies” as a donkey and so should be welcomed by all the Dems in the area.

    1. joechute says:

      Top comment of the day!

  3. The zebra was brought in by Liberals, who think there should be black AND white residents there.

  4. It’s probably one of Pablo’s that worked its way up from Columbia.

  5. OMG I lived in Hemet…are they really that stupid?! There IS a farm there WITH zebras. We use to visit it with the kids. Perhaps the cops should of seeked that farm out to see if they’re missing a zebra! Good God EVERYONE knows about the zebra farm in Hemet!!!!!!!

  6. James Benoit says:

    “…and thus ye shall name thy zebra “Obama,” and it shall be exempt from ANY criticism, and if anyone should be so brazen as to speaketh criticism of said zebra, they shall be deemed a vile ‘racist,’ Amen.”

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