LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) – A Thousand Oaks woman who was caught on video being clocked in the face during Saturday’s violent Patriot’s Day melee in Berkeley described the ordeal to CBS2 Monday.

“In that moment, I was just terrified,” Louise Rosealma told CBS2 Monday after returning home to Thousand Oaks.

At least 20 people were arrested after violence broke out Saturday around downtown Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park between groups of supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump holding rallies, authorities said.

Police put in a makeshift barrier of plastic orange poles and orange fence mesh to separate both sides, but that quickly came down as demonstrators started punching and kicking each other, while pepper spray and firecrackers were thrown to the crowd.

During the chaos, Rosealma was punched in the face by a man later identified as Nathan Damigo, a Northern California college student and founder of a white supremacist group. He was not arrested during the protests. Berkeley police would not comment Monday on whether Damigo is being investigated.

“From the corner of my eye, I saw this fist coming at me and I didn’t have any time to understand or process what was going on, I just put my arms up to push him away as much as I could,” Rosealma said.

The 20-year-old drove to the Bay Area with friends to march against the alt-right organized event. Rosealma, a member of the anti-fascist movement, says she had only been at the protest for about 20 minutes when a smoke bomb went off. At that point, she says, she and her boyfriend were charged.

“I got right back up, I was punched twice more by two other people,” Rosealma said. “People kept trying to throw me down to hit my head against the rocks that were in the planter,” Rosealma said.

Rosealma claims the attack was unprovoked and that she only reached out her hands to defend herself. She says she knew going to Berkeley was risky.

“We knew that there was probably going to be violence. We were hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.”

Since the attack, Rosealma says she has received death and rape threats. Her image has been turned into GIFs and memes. Though she insists she wasn’t looking for a fight, Rosealma says she is prepared to get hurt in order to stand up for what she believes in.

“I’ve always said, I would rather die on my feet than on my knees,” Rosealma said.

The rally followed March 4 demonstrations at the same park planned by some of the same groups and that ended in violent clashes. Several people were injured and police arrested 10 demonstrators.

In February, protesters threw rocks, broke windows and set fires outside the University of California, Berkeley’s student union building, where then-Breitbart News editor and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak. His presentation was cancelled.

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  1. vladirad says:

    She explicitly came out to “collect Nazi scalps” and was holding a bottle to break over someone’s head. So tired of the media siding with these antifa rats. Clearly the law doesn’t.

  2. FAKE NEWSSSSS! This girl was throwing bottles into a crowd of people and had a mask on, no way to know her sex. She is a terrorist and you guys (unable to do proper research as usual) are holding her up as some victim. This is SICK! Anyone interested in the TRUTH, look at this image from Reuters, clearly shows a massive glass bottle in her hand http://pictures.reuters.com/C.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&VBID=2C0FCI42PFT5R&SMLS=1&RW=1367&RH=704&PN=2&POPUPPN=111&POPUPIID=2C0FQE35QMT2X

  3. Nathan Burks says:

    The video clearly shows her grabbing the man by the throat, and other videos shows her hitting people with a bottle

  4. The photo of this woman clearly shows that she is carrying a bottle. I doubt that she was just sipping from it. I can believe that she is not as innocent as this she states she is. He still needs to be arrested. Both of them need to be arrested.

    “The rally followed March 4 demonstrations at the same park planned by some of the same groups and that ended in violent clashes. Several people were injured and police arrested 10 demonstrators.”

    Then why were permits issued?

  5. Matthew Lupo says:

    This is fake news we are not stupid CBS

  6. She clearly put her hands on him first. She was looking for trouble and she found it. It’s never right to hit someone but we do have the right to defend ourselves. It was never a sucker punch. That would imply he just hit her for the hell of it. He was clearly defending himself.

  7. Something my parents taught me, don’t start a fight but end it. She got as good as she gave. Yet there are people so ignorant as to give her $80K on GoFundMe for medical bills!! She’s FINE, lives in upscale Thousand Oaks, but you can bet she won’t donate any to charity. Such a hypocrite, and CBS more biased than ever.

  8. She punched the guy and her group came to the protest with big stick and pepper spray. Enough of bullying aggression but play the victim card. This is why an ex-DEM supporter like me turned to become Independent. The extreme DEM has become too violent, too illogical and too intolerant, which go against what a real DEM should be.

  9. She went looking for a fight and got equality.

  10. Ed Bertoli says:

    And CBS is surprised when people call them out on fake news? This girl was clearly a masked antifa aggressor as photos and witness statements clearly show. For shame, fake newsies!

  11. Allan Dooley says:

    Why is the media holding up these ANTIFA nuts as victims? She went to the rally in hopes of getting “100 nazi scalps”. Does that sound non-violent? NO. Her gang started the fight and went in with fireworks, rocks, sticks and bear mace. She was NOT some innocent who got punched. She was an active combatant. CBS is fake news.

  12. Nick Craig says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Welcome to equality

  13. Lukas Benke says:

    Meanwhile, there is tons, tons of Video Evidence of Antifa surrounding people and beat them even while they are on the ground. Yet this woman who got punched ONCE is the one who gets the attention.

    Why not the people who were beaten up for nothing by people surrounding them while they lie on the ground?

  14. Nathan Rue says:

    next time leave her laying in a pool of her own commie blood

  15. This woman was witnessed throwing M-80s in tape-wrapped glass jars into crowds. Shrapnel from that could cut any major artery. The dreamcatcher earrings were a nice touch.

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