Bryan Altman

Baseball season is back and wild ballpark foods are finding their way into stadiums across the country. From cheeseburgers with nachos and pulled pork on them in Texas, to hot dogs on burger patties in Los Angeles, all the way to chicken funnel cake sandwiches in Arizona, we thought we’d seen it all.

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But in Seattle, the Mariners might have taken the (funnel) cake with their offering of toasted grasshoppers at all Mariners home games.

While that may sound a bit repulsive to some, Mariners fans are flocking to Poquitos, the stand that sells the toasted treat, in droves.

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This week the Mariners actually RAN OUT of grasshoppers and had to place an emergency order to meet demand. We’re not even a full two weeks into the season and the stand has sold roughly 18,000 grasshoppers already.

In case you’re curious, the grasshoppers are toasted in a chili-lime salt and can be picked up for just $4.

And while it may seem strange to you, toasted grasshoppers are actually a common snack in many parts of the word, including in Mexico and Central America where they’re called “Chapulines.”

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Currently you can only grab the crispy critters at Mariners games, but they might just start making appearances at stadiums around the country based on early returns from Seattle.