LOS ANGELES (CBS.com) – Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz Friday denounced some fake signs that were posted along a street that read, “Landscaping by L.A. City Council. We’d rather spend your taxes on welfare for illegals.”

The signs also included the official seal of Los Angeles and were posted near the intersection of Burton Way and Doheny Drive close to the border with Beverly Hills. The signs are similar in nature to one posted along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu recently that was demeaning to immigrants after the city declared itself a sanctuary city.

“Ever since Donald Trump empowered racists and bigots across the country, we have seen and heard things, like the lawn signs, and worse,” Koretz said. “The city of Los Angeles will never give in to these types of people.

The signs, which have been posted illegally, will be taken down.”

The signs are a direct reference to several moves made by the L.A. City Council over the past several months aimed at counteracting President Trump’s aggressive moves to curb undocumented immigration.

Since November, the City Council voted to explore donating $2 million to a legal fund for immigrants facing deportation, voted to create an immigrant advocate to advise the council, and has passed several motions opposing some of Trump’s proposed immigration policies.

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  1. Dang there really is some opposition to the lunacy in Los Angeles. It’s about time that someone started calling the city counsel out for their pandering to illegals. That’s how they get elected and reelected is by voter fraud and it’s just payback for the illegal’s and their family’s votes. Maybe the voters are finally figuring out that the Mayor and the counsel are corrupt and nothing more that liberal elitist that care only about staying in power and care nothing about making LA a great city again. Whoever the opposition is that’s rattling the Mayor’s and counsel’s cage I, for one Californian, am glad to see it and more power to them. Keep up the great work. This needs to happen all across this state. It’s time to take our state back!!!!!!!!

  2. No comment on the signs’ racist message or the post by the uneducated Mr Roberts, but I do believe the signs in question are actual signs, not fake ones – in other words, they do exist.

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