SAN BERNARDINO (   — When a suspect is behind bars that usually means, especially in the case of a heinous crime, the DA’s next move is to get a conviction.

But a triple homicide case in San Bernardino is seeing a particular and unusual twist.

The suspect in the triple homicide isn’t just being advocated for by his attorney or his family, the D.A. now even questions if the state doesn’t  have the wrong man in custody.

The victims — a 9-year-old boy, his father and a family friend.

The D.A., told CBS 2’s Tina Patel there is a chance the accused didn’t do it. The accused, at this writing, is still in custody.

The D.A. says the crime was one of the worst seen in San Bernardino in 2016.  Three people were gunned down outside the Superior Liquor and Groceries store last July.

The suspect’s image — or a man believed to be the suspect — was captured on surveillance tape.

A week after the murders, police arrested 26-year-old Trayvon Brown of Rialto. Brown has pleaded not guilty.

“As we continue to analyze the case and prepare it for trial,  we’ve had some serious concerns on whether or not we have the right person,” said Mike Ramos, San Bernardino D.A.

The D.A. didn’t want to give specifics about what the concerns were/are but Patel spoke to Brown’s family members by phone.

They believe the D.A.’s hesitancy in the case must mean there are still other suspects out there.

The family said they are angry and believe the D.A;’s office dropped the ball in the case.

Ramos refutes that.

“Gang cases are just extremely difficult,” he said, “because nobody wants to talk, everybody’s in fear of their life. They don’t want to be a witness.”

What happens now?

The D.A.’s office will continue to meet with detectives and they’re hoping to have more definitive answers within the next few days.


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