VICTORVILLE ( — Investigators were going in and out of a home on the corner of Cliffwood Street and Mesa View Drive in Victorville on Saturday but are not yest calling it a homicide, just a death investigation.

Neighbors say something suspicious must have happened for them to close the entire street. One neighbor told Victor Valley News that a man was taken from the home and placed in handcuffs as he was shouting: “I didn’t do it, they’re trying to frame me.”

Sheriff’s deputies arrived just before noon and have been interviewing people who live on the street. One neighbor told CBSLA off camera that a deputy came by and asked him some questions about who lived in the home, but he said he only knew the man there in passing there and that he thinks he has lived there for several years.

There is a sign posted in the front window of the home warning people “forget about the dog, beware of owner.”



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