LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  — Twitter says it will sue the Trump Administration.

The social media giant says the Department of Homeland Security illegally tried to identify the person or persons behind an account critical of the government and extremely critical of President Donald Trump,

The account is one of several anti-government accounts that launched since Trump took office.

Twitter, citing freedom of speech and privacy concerns, has refused to turn over the identify of the page creator(s).

The specific account is called @ALT_USCIS, a page critical of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The account has about 45,000 people following. Reports said 10,000 of those came after Twitter announced their lawsuit.

Marie Claire noticed the irony of the Trump administration trying to unmask anyone.

“For all its talk about former national security adviser Susan Rice, the Trump administration has tried to do some unmasking of its own,” they wrote.


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