YUCAIPA (CBSLA.com) — Joseph Turner says it’s time to fight back against illegal immigration, and he wants to start with the public school system. He says since public schools are funded by taxpayers, only the children of U.S. citizens should be allowed to attend them.

“You can’t put illegal aliens first and American children second,” Turner, founder of American Children First, said.

“I think I’m standing up for our children, our American children who deserve the best education possible,” he added. “If illegal aliens don’t like it, they can go back to where they came from and join their schools there.”

Turner is trying to get the American Children First initiative on the ballot in Yucaipa and Calimesa. Even though he doesn’t live in the school district, he thinks people in the small, conservative region will support his effort.

“Am I cherry picking at an opportune nice spot to do the initiative? Absolutely.”

We asked parents to weigh in. Shawn Melvin says Yucaipa Public Schools have become overcrowded, and he does think illegal immigration is part of the problem.

“You can’t always think about everyone else. That’s what everyone else does now, it’s a bleeding-heart situation,” Melvin said.

But other parents say there’s no reason to punish children, when it’s their parents who brought them here.

“Focus on other ideas, leave the kids alone, leave the families alone,” Pablo Castillo said. “If they’re not committing crimes, just leave them alone.”

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  1. Sandie Bell says:

    A lot of the parents of these children pay taxes. What right do you have to tell their children they can’t attend public schools?

    1. If you actually knew how the tax code worked, you would know that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens do not pay taxes and often commit fraud and get a tax refund.

  2. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about the billions of dollars that are stolen from our children so that we can educate the children of illegal aliens.

    We have a lot of fake Americans who think our kids should have to sacrifice the quality of education they receive in the name of educating illegal aliens.

    Don’t worry..I am sure you all play the “Parent of the Year” winner whenever the class bully steals your kid’s lunch money. But…illegals steal billions and then you whine about how teachers have to buy their own supplies.

    Oh wait…but you would do anything for your kids to give them a better future. Except actually stand up and have a backbone.

    1. Thank you for standing up. I am furious that Illinois has college funds for illegal students but my friend who works at the local state university has had all his medical bills put on hold for 1 + years because the state can’t make good on it’s self funded health insurance plans they sell to their employees. Our state is in financial ruin and we have one of the biggest sanctuary cities in the country?? Our hospitals get money through the govt to pay for indigent care which is how most poverty stricken folks get their healthcare: in the ER where they can’t be turned away . Those who do this and work the system include illegals. THAT’S how you get benefits from the government without signing up for it. It is STILL taxpayer money, some Medicare’s!

  3. What a waste of time. This is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ruled on this long ago with Plyler v. Doe.

  4. Ron Apger says:

    pay taxes or go home, its that simple

  5. La Jacks says:

    NO TAXPAYER money should EVER BE USED for ILLEGALS. In any way what so ever.

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