LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —  A delivery man was caught on camera accused of stealing on the job in Beverly Grove.

Ari Passy and Jessica Kharasch were in shock when they saw video of a man who they said stole their packages worth $1,300.

In the footage, the deliveryman is seen with bags in hand getting buzzed into the women’s apartment complex and glancing at packages in the corner. After making his delivery, he grabbed two packages on his way out.

According to Passy, inside one of the packages were jeans. “Really looking forward to it and really bummed that they took it because I can’t even order them again. They’re all vintage and specialty made,” she said.

“Oh my God, it makes me so mad. He knew exactly what he was doing,” Kharasch said.

The women said their neighbor ordered groceries last week with Postmates delivery service, which is an app that allows customers to get nearly anything delivered.

They filed a police report and their neighbor provided the Postmates receipt, which showed the suspected thief’s picture and name.

CBS2’s Andrea Fujii reached out to Postmates, which provided a statement that read in part: “At this stage, we don’t know if a Postmate was actually involved in this incident. However, Postmates does not tolerate this type of behavior by anyone using our platform.”

Passy and Kharasch said they don’t feel safe in their own home anymore and hope the company reimburse the money they lost.

“I want an apology, and I want both of us to be refunded for our merchandise,” Kharasch said.

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  1. I wanted to read the full article because I am a grandmother with her affliction, but it seems that possibly the airline service in question didn’t want anyone to read it because it rerouted the article to something about a delivery man accused of stealing packages. Don’t like bad press? Hmmm?

    On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 8:29 PM, CBS Los Angeles wrote:

    > N. Liang posted: “LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An elderly passenger was forced to > sit in urine-soaked clothes on a 13-hour British Airways flight from Los > Angeles to London because a flight attendent refused to let her use the > lavatory, her daughter claimed Monday. ” >

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