LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) – A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy is under investigation over allegations that he shot several videos of himself behaving badly while on duty and sent them to his now ex-girlfriend.

Deputy Jeremy Fennell is on paid leave while sheriff’s department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office conduct two separate investigations into the allegations.

Priscilla Anderson, 28, told CBS2 Thursday that Fennell sent her the videos about five months ago.

“It’s not only about me, it’s about where he works and what he stands for and what he’s supposed to do with the job that he has,” Anderson said.

LASD said that Fennell was relieved of duty on Jan. 25 following his arrest on domestic violence charges.

Anderson says that Fennell, who works out of Lakewood Station, shot the videos and sent them to her to try to illicit a response. Anderson claims he also physically abused her and one time held a gun to her head. She says she reported the abuse and repeatedly sent the videos to the LASD, but never got a response from the department. She got a restraining order against Fennell and decided to post the clips to social media. She says she has around 100 videos in total.

“He was also taking it out on people in the public, just giving people random tickets because I wouldn’t return his phone call,” Anderson said.

One video in particular showed him in his patrol car dismissing a shooting call.

“I know I’ve got to go, but I’m not going to go because you’re mad,” Fennell can be seen saying on camera.

“I would immediately call him and tell him, ‘this isn’t right what you’re doing, you need to go ahead and answer your call,’” Anderson said.

“What is on the videos is embarrassing, frightening and harmful, harmful  to the safety of my client Ms. Anderson and harmful to the public,” said attorney Ben Meiselas, who is representing Anderson.

“I think they were trying to cover up for the officer,” Meiselas added.

“We sign on to help people,” Sheriff’s Lt. Darren Harris told CBS2 Thursday. “So when there’s allegations of one of our own didn’t do that, it’s of concern to all of us and it affects us all right to the core.”

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