SACRAMENTO ( — California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a plan Wednesday to hike gas taxes and vehicle fees to raise more than $52 billion over 10 years to fix California’s roads and bridges in what critics say would be the largest such increase in state history.

The state’s Democratic leaders said Wednesday that they would pay for it with a big increase in the gas tax, higher car registration fees and a $100 charge on emission-free vehicles.

The proposal would boost gasoline excise taxes by 12 cents a gallon, a 43-percent increase. It also includes a sliding fee on vehicles, with owners of cheaper vehicles paying less.

Each California driver spends approximately $700 per year in extra vehicle repairs caused by rough roads, according to Brown’s office, which says if California does not make investments to fix the roads now, it will cost eight times more to replace later.

“This is a good program, it’s the best we could figure out,” Brown said during a press conference on the steps of the California State Capitol building. “And now there’ll be some critics, they’ll say, ‘Oh, it costs money’. Yes, it costs money.

“If the roof in your house is leaking, you better fix it, ’cause it gets worse all the time,” he added.

The proposal also includes a sliding fee on vehicles, with owners of cheaper vehicles paying less.

With four kids to feed this L.A. County mom is worried.

“Just imagine, it’s either we by a gallon of gas, or a gallon of milk,” Myriam Sunderman. “Impossible, give us a break, please.”

The constitutional amendment would require support from two-thirds of lawmakers in the Assembly and Senate because it raises taxes. It also specifies that the money be spent only on transportation projects.

A joint statement from Assembly Republicans blasted Brown’s plan: “Californians already pay some of the highest gas taxes in the nation. The transportation proposal announced by the Capitol Democrats is a costly and burdensome plan that forces ordinary Californians to bail out Sacramento for years of neglecting our roads. This proposal would include the largest gas tax increase in state history, which will continue to rise over time, and a massive increase to the diesel tax and vehicle license fee.”

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  1. Couldn’t we just take it out of all the illegal alien welfare we pay for?
    Out of all the university and community college that students still have to use govt backed loans to get in, we pay for?
    Could all politicians and govt workers take a 10% pay cut too?

  2. zinnsand21 says:

    Brown claims he “knows what he is talking about” regarding this gas tax. Yeah right. Ya know what this tax is? It’s a tax to allow the bloated state pensions to remain bloated. You want $5 billion to fix pot holes? Have all these state employees retiring with 6 figures pensions take a 10% haircut. What a joke..

  3. Just what do they do with the 18 cents a gallon they collect now? (Highest in the nation, I believe). This whole thing is just another indication of liberal incompetence with money. Californians are taxed to death already, state income tax absurdly high, sales tax higher than most other states, property taxes so high that you can barely afford to keep a house once you have it paid for. But yeah, Jerry is right, we aren’t getting much for our money. But don’t think we don’t know where it goes… California has a larger economy than most foreign countries, but those in Sacramento will continue to keep our infrastructure in tatters while promoting things like the useless, so-called “high speed rail” that won’t be, multiple pensions for politicians, and housing criminal illegals in our overcrowded prison system, and all the rest. They should call in an out of state independent to fix the whole lousy non existent budget they claim to have.

  4. And further, Jerry, when you buy a house you know if it has a roof, it will most likely need replacing in 20 years or so, and you PLAN for that, so when it needs to be done, you HAVE THE MONEY!

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