CORONA ( — The United States Postal Service has developed a new program that allows customers to preview their mail online before delivery – something Corona residents hope can help prevent rampant mail thefts in their Eagle Glen neighborhood.

“We’ve had our mail stolen several times. We have friends and neighbors in the neighborhood that have had mail stolen very frequently,” said Kurt Tracy.

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Many of the homeowners have invested in locking mailboxes. Some have even set up neighborhood watches to try and catch thieves on camera.

But the crimes keep happening, and victims often don’t know exactly what mail was taken. “That’s the worst part. Unless you were expecting something, you have no idea what you were going to get. If somebody gets a credit card application or something like that, it’s horrible,” Tracy added.

The Informed Delivery service, which is free, allows people to receive email notifications each morning, showing them black and white images of their actual letter-sized mail pieces they can expect that day.

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“Oh definitely! I would definitely want something like that, especially around here,” Ashley Flores said.

The post office is already scanning mail and taking digital pictures of the fronts of letters to help in the sorting process. They are simply taking those same digital images and emailing them out.

People in high-theft areas are trying to spread the word to make sure all their neighbors sign up for the free service.

“I think that’s fantastic. We get enough texts on your phone anyway. So why not an important one so you know if you’re expecting something. Or if something is in your mailbox, you can ask your neighbor or somebody to even run and get it,” Tracy added.

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Right now, the service is only available in California and a few other states.