SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Barack Obama’s name is revered in his home state. But the Illinois House has rejected making his birthday a state holiday.

Legislation to make the 44th president’s Aug. 4th birthday a state holiday fell six votes short Tuesday.

Chicago Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper says it would honor a man who adopted Chicago as his home and served in the Illinois State Senate.

But Rep. Steven Andersson of Geneva suggested it be honorary. The Republican floor leader says even Obama wouldn’t want the cash-strapped state to give state workers another paid day off.

He noted that Tampico native and 40th president Ronald Reagan’s Feb. 6th birthday isn’t a holiday.

The vote was 54-57. Harper used a procedure allowing another vote later.

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  1. Bob Young says:

    obama “adopted” chicago as his home for political expediency. How many nights did he go “home” to Chicago after he cheated his way to the presidency. How soon after did he sell the “home” he had in Chicago after becoming president? why is he not living in his “adopted home town” now? Because the people of Chicago were duped by the huckster obama.

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