FRAZIER PARK ( — A Southern California woman is suing a Frazier Park hotel, saying an employee gave a stranger a key to her room, leading to a sexual assault.

The woman stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Frazier Park to stay with her boyfriend but claims she was victimized by another man.

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Court documents reveal the suit has been filed against the hotel from the Orange County law firm of Callahan and Blaine.

On surveillance video, Jonathan Padilla appears intoxicated while speaking to an employee at the front desk.

The lawsuit claims Padilla, while high on drugs and drunk, offers the hotel receptionist $100 for sexual favors. She turns him down.

Moments later, Padilla returns to the lobby and told the receptionist he needed keys to his room. She didn’t ask for ID and Padilla did not give his real name, but gave the name of the boyfriend staying with the victim.

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Padilla was then seen on surveillance video going to the victim’s room, messing with the peep-hole before going inside. Moments later, he leaves with his pants around his ankles.

While in the room, the lawsuit states Padilla sexually assaulted the woman, who was sleeping.

The lawsuit accuses the hotel of negligence for not verifying that Padilla was staying in that room.

It also alleges that this was not the first time room keys had been given out to guests without checking for proper ID.

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Padilla was convicted of sexual assault and served three years in jail for the crime.