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In the far southeastern corner of China is the Guangdong Province, one of the more crowded areas in the nation, and home to the profoundly rich Pearl River Delta. Guangdong has an economy bigger than many nations, and is saturated with more than 2000 years of history. Guangdong owes its healthy economy to a solid exchange rate, an ethnically diverse populace, and a strong relationship with neighboring Macao and Hong Kong.

Guangdong is a comparable in size to one of America’s largest states, Missouri. Not at all like the southern American state which has a populace of around 6 Million, Guangdong boasts a populace more than 17 times bigger at more than 106 Million people. The city of Guangzhou, once known as Canton and namesake to the Cantonese vernacular, alone has 13 Million inhabitants (New York City has around 8.5 Million). It’s situated in southern most part of China, further South than Florida, truth be told, and has a tendency to be exceptionally hot and humid. In this area, one will experience both tropical and sup-tropical conditions.

The geographic make up of Guangdong is moderately rocky except for in the southwestern most part of the province where Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta meet. While it is bumpy, the district is also a crucial agricultural center which produces many natural products from espresso to tea. Yes, tea!

Guangdong is situated amongst many other Chinese territories, but has its own teas, culture, and history. While Guangdong may not be the region’s leader in tea production compared adjacent Yunnan, Hunan, and Fujian, it is a noteworthy port with a long export history Large amounts of teas go through this port on the way to a worldwide market. Guangdong, has its own particularly well known teas which include Ying De Black and Phoenix Oolong. Ying De Black Tea, or Yingde Hongcha, is a dark tea with notes of cocoa. While it is predominately known for its cocoa, this tea also notes of black pepper and golden alcohol.  Phoenix Oolong, in comparison, is an oolong tea created in Fenghuang, on the edge of the Fujian Province. The tea itself is widely known for its aroma of  nectar and orchid. Phoenix oolong tea, made from old tea shrubs around the Phoenix Mountain, comes in many varieties that showcase many different fragrances and tastes.

Travelers come from all over the world to visit China’s regions for its one of a kind tea. People may not know that you do not have to wait until you get there to try the amazing teas this enchanting country has to offer. China Southern Airlines actually offers tea on all flights. So while you’re embarking on a vacation of a lifetime, sit back and enjoy some of China’s rich culture in a cup.



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