LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Should California give teachers a tax break to help recruit and retain future educators?

A Los Angeles state lawmaker has introduced a bill to exempt teachers from paying state income tax after five years in the classroom.

Under Senate Bill 807, teachers and other educators would also be allowed a tax deduction for the cost of obtaining a teaching credential.

The bill was introduced by Democratic Sens. Henry Stern of Los Angeles and Cathleen Galgiani of Stockton, and sponsored by EdVoice, a nonprofit advocating for education reform.

SB 807 is aimed at retaining teachers long-term, even as the rate of teachers leaving the field is six times greater than other public employees, and 50 percent faster than first responders, according to California State Teachers’ Retirement System.

In response, California has been forced to hire thousands of teachers who aren’t fully credentialed, according to the Sacramento Bee.

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  2. Rich Tanner says:

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