ENCINO (CBSLA.com) — An Encino man is outraged after charges against a neighbor caught on camera exposing himself were dismissed.

A footage recorded by a neighbor showed the man mooning the camera at a street corner in September of 2016. Then after dropping off mail, he walked across the street and dropped his shorts again. This time, he fully exposed himself directly at the neighbor recording his moves on his phone.

The neighbor, who captured the video, did not want to show his face but said this has been an ongoing problem.

Police eventually arrested the man accused of indecent exposure.

“It was like a great relief to know we are officially protected,” the neighbor said.

But this week, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office dropped the charges.

“My wife and daughters were shocked. My wife still is in the bedroom, she doesn’t leave the house now,” the neighbor added.

The deputy director at the city attorney’s office said in an email: “[indecent exposure] requires proof that the defendant not only meant to expose himself, but intended by his conduct to direct public attention to his genitals for purposes of sexually arousing or gratifying himself or herself, or sexually offending another person.”

He said prosecutors didn’t have sufficient evidence to support the man’s motive.

The neighbor who recorded the video still does not understand how the footage is not proof of the man being sexually offensive. “We feel defenseless completely defenseless. From now on, going naked, exposing your genitals in the middle of the street is not a crime in the city of los angeles anymore,” he questioned.

CBS2’s Erica Mandy went to the man’s home and showed him the video.

The man told her he did not know who that person in the video was and that he had no criminal record.

The neighbor said he knew the man, but they stopped talking years ago.

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  1. Kevin Enkell says:

    So the DA says indecent exposure is a specific intent crime. With the intent being sexual arousal. That should open the door for anyone who wants to sunbathe in the nude on a public beach, where their intent is simply to get a tan.

    1. Marie Brown says:

      You’re being childish. This isn’t about nude sunbathing; this is about a perverted individual indecently exposing himself. Even he he wasn’t doing it for sexual excitement, he was doing it to harass and annoy his neighbors. The DA’s office was wrong in not charging him.

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