ANGELINO HEIGHTS ( — When John Debanto walks his dog he sees a familiar sight — broken glass — but on a recent walk it hit home.

He says he saw that his passenger side window of his car was busted out.

“Just saw the glass all over the place. It’s almost daily or every other day that I’m walking my dog and I see glass all over the place,” Debanto said

He says the thieves took his ex wife’s make up bag and daughter’s homework.

Police say it’s just one of dozens of car break-ins in the last couple months in the Echo Park and Angelino Heights area. There have been 29 in the past week.

Detectives say they think the same suspects are responsible because the “MO” is the same for most the break-ins. If thieves see something in plain sight, they’ll smash a window and grab it.

Lars Jan says his mom’s car was broken into, all for a USB charger and a reuseable bag.

“They took a bag, which was just an empty shopping bag,” Jan says.

Irma Palacios is an elementary school teacher’s aid and says when her SUV was broken into, books for her students were taken.

Debanto says he really worries that next time the thieves may up the ante.

“As a dad, I’m more concerned about the potential for: if they’re going to be doing this and be brazen about this, how about our houses?”


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