ADELANTO (  —   An Adelanto man got into a wild and violent fight with a suspect who apparently jumped his fence in an effort to steal or hurt one of his dogs.

The confrontation was captured on security video.

CBS2’s Tina Patel spoke to homeowner Miguel Cardiel about his ordeal. He was pepper sprayed and suffered a concussion during the fight.

Cardiel’s dog’s were saved and he is hoping someone can identify the suspect before he strikes again.

His security cameras  were rolling when the man jumped the fence last Friday. When he looked out the window, Cardiel says it appeared the man had a weapon in his hands but he didn’t think twice. He ran outside to protect his pets.

“I  know he probably could have had a gun and could shoot me, but he was spraying my dogs. I don’t what he was spraying,” Cardiel says.

It turned out to be pepper spray. The intruder also sprayed Cardiel before he was chased from the yard and down the street.

“I  didn’t even notice, after I came home and showered and the pepper spray started burning all over my face then,” he says.

Cardiel thinks the intruder was after his 8-month-old American Bully, a show dog which could be worth a lot of money.

A month ago, Solis’s girlfriend said she saw two men wrestling with the animals in the front yard.  She says they ran off when she came running from the house.

“One of my dogs was dragging her face on the ground because she got beat up. I  guess he kicked her in the face so she wouldn’t bite,” said Christina Rosado.

That’s when the couple put up the security camera.

They are hoping someone recognizes the latest suspect. They don’t want him coming back trying to steal the dog again.

“I’m lucky that she’s still here. Every day I wake up in the morning and say you’re still here, I’m blessed that she’s still here,” Cardiel says.

The couple says they will no longer leave their dogs in the front yard unless one of them is there to accompany them.

If you have any information about the suspect, you’re asked to call the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.


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