SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — A hit-and-run driver suspected of killing a 64-year-old woman in South Los Angeles has been arrested, police announced Wednesday.

Iyerusalem Bihon, 36, surrendered to police after speaking to them on the phone. She said she fled from the scene because she had a few drinks and was scared.

Detectives are still searching for a female passenger who traveled in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

A Jeep Renegade blew through a stop sign and T-boned Brenda Joyce Scott’s car just before 6 p.m. on Feb. 24, near 95th Street and Hoover Boulevard.

(credit: Scott family)

(credit: Scott family)

Witnesses heard the loud crash, which took place just 10 blocks from Scott’s mother’s house.

Bihon fled from the scene. The passenger hung around for a few minutes but ran away before police arrived.

According to police, the Jeep was rented by Bihon.

Scott worked for Los Angeles County for 46 years and planned to retire in June.

She is survived by her three adult children.

  1. May Mrs. Scott REST IN PARADISE

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