Bryan Altman

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, eternal bragging rights aren’t the only thing that awaits any one of the NFL’s incoming prospects that have the speed to break Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash time.

Rovell reports that apparel company Adidas has agreed to give anyone that breaks Johnson’s 4.24 40-yard dash record their own island, provided that they do it while wearing Adidas’s Adizero 5-star 40 cleats and agree to endorse the company’s shoes for the entirety of their rookie season.

Not a bad deal.

Rovell notes that the company has added in the fine print that they will provide the island “as soon as reasonably possible,” but also that they can compensate the winner with $1 million instead.

Also, not a bad deal.

Still, one former NFL player is slightly miffed at the perceived raw deal he got from Adidas when he achieved an even more impressive feat several decades ago.

Rams great Eric Dickerson, one of the greatest to ever play the game, mockingly Tweeted his displeasure at the gift that Adidas gave to him for breaking the NFL’s single-season rushing record back in 1984.

Rovell added that there are private islands in both Canada and in Central America for under $1 million, not that that should make Dickerson feel any better.

I’m guessing Dickerson’s carrot cake — accounting for the year and the fact that, well… it’s a carrot cake — couldn’t have cost Adidas more than $100 bucks, so yeah, I feel Dickerson’s pain here.

But hey, Adidas, it’s never too late to make up for a bad gift.