SAN BERNARDINO (  —  San Bernardino police have announced the arrest of four men accused of kidnapping and killing  a San Bernardino man.

The 33-year-old victim, Tiburcio Madrigal Cisneros, reportedly owed at least one of the suspects money. It is also alleged the victim and the suspect he owed money to were also involved in “issues” involving a woman.

During an investigation, authorities learned the victim and the four suspects were all involved in growing marijuana.

Police said on Tuesday morning, around 6, the victim and his girlfriend were awakened by a knock at the door at their home in the 110 block of North Mountain View.

Cisneros went with the two suspects. His girlfriend believed something was wrong and called police.

Through extensive investigation, the investigators were led to a remote area of Mead Valley in Riverside County. They found a fenced off area of several hundred acres. The area contained a large marijuana cultivation with an estimated 900 plants.

Authorities said they also found multiple empty beer cans and bottles strewn about, and expended bullet casings were located near what appeared to be a freshly dug grave.

Cisneros was exhumed from the grave Thursday.

Mario Gallegos, 26,  and Raidel Chaidez, 24, have been arrested in the kidnapping and murder of Cisneros. The investigation alleges that Jose Gallegos Avalos, 36, was present when Cisneros was killed and that he helped bury his body. He has been charged with murder and accessory after the fact.

Further investigation revealed that Victor Gallegos Avalos, 36, was aware of the murder and he aided and abetted Mario Gallegos in the days after the murder. Victor Avalos has also been arrested for accessory after the fact.

Anyone with information about this kidnapping and murder is asked to call Sgt. Emil Kokesh, Detective Marco Granado or Detective Dan Han at the San Bernardino Police Department (909) 384-5615.

Victor Gallegos Avalos (credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Victor Gallegos Avalos (credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

(credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Mario Gallegos (credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Raidel Chaidez (credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Raidel Chaidez (credit: San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Jose Gallegos Avalos (credit" San Bernardino Police Dept.)

Jose Gallegos Avalos (credit” San Bernardino Police Dept.)

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  1. Please tell us again how miserable we’ll all be on our next “Day Without Immigrants” – or more precisely, “A Day” without thousands of guttersnipes pulling this kind of garbage behavior, every day of the year in this poor misguided state.

    Actually, no need to tell us today. We can all tune into the Academy Awards Sunday night. We’ll be treated to a string of sage celebs yammering how intolerant America really is.

    Of course after the show, the glitterati will cruise on home, where they live behind walls.

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