NORCO ( —  An angry swarm of bees stung a Norco woman’s beloved  dog more than 300 times Thursday killing the animal.

The dog’s three puppies were also killed in the attack.

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CBS2’s Crystal Cruz reported the dogs were stung  in the 700 block of Parkridge Avenue.

Cruz reported from the scene where firefighters filled a giant tree with foam to displace the bees that remained.

Officials believe the dog somehow aggravated the bees and they attacked.

The property owner’s son told Cruz he was also stung by bees from the hive several weeks ago. He said he was moving a trailer when he saw the hive.

After being stung, he said it felt like he was hit with a bat.

“The bees came out and started stinging everybody,” Marcos Cordero said, “I pushed my sister aside. Then the dog started getting bit. They started to sting me and I just started catching them and killing them [with my hands,.”] They got me pretty good, they got me like 30 times.”

Thursday, Cruz spoke to Sinthia Sullivan, the dog’s owner. She wasn’t doing well as she cradled her sick and dying dog — a 4-year-old hairless terrier named Evolve, — in her lap.

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“This [dog]  is my life line,” she said, “if this dog passes, I will be in the hospital myself, trying to stay alive.”

After the bees stung her dog, they turned to attack Sullivan, her landlord and the puppies.

“There were thousands of them,” she said. “There were so many, I couldn’t see. They were all in my hair.”

Firefighters took Sullivan and her 70-year-old landlord to the hospital. Both were stung a few dozen times.

A young girl was wrapped in a blanket and rescued from the scene.




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