LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Pharmaceuticals may not be the best medicine for patients. Some doctors are now changing the way they treat patients – by taking them grocery shopping.

Physicians, such as Dr. Daniel Nadeau, are prescribing food rather than pills to fix the body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all Americans routinely take prescription drugs, and 75 percent of all doctor visits involve drugs.

To counter the dependency on drugs, Loma Linda University School of Medicine incorporated a special emphasis on lifestyle medicine in which physicians learn how to prescribe food instead of narcotics.

In fact, there is rising interest from doctors at the annual Food as Medicine Symposium on Feb. 11-12.

“We go to our doctors. We live an unhealthy lifestyle, and we just say: ‘Give me a pill for that,’ and ‘I want to be healthy’,” Nadeau said. “You might get your numbers down a bit, but you’re not going to feel the best that you could feel.”

Nadeau is part of the monthly Shop With Your Doc program at St. Joseph Hoag Health Alliance.

Each month, Nadeau roams the aisles of supermarkets, giving shoppers new ideas to chew on.

Food can help remedy the most common issues with aging, according to Nadeau. “You can really do so much for your brain by including fresh or frozen berries in your diet everyday,” he said.

Nadeau suggests consuming the following items to improve your health naturally:

— Avocados: have very healthy oil, which helps to lower cholesterol

— Carrots: contain a lot of beta kerotene, which is good for the eyes

— Blueberries: help prevent dementia

— Plant-based proteins: beans, seeds and nuts can lower the risk of heart disease

“Cultures that eat the highest number of beans in their diet have the longest life expectancy,” Nadeau explained.

For more information about the Shop with Your Doc program, click here.

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  1. How many hours of training in nutrition do doctors receive in medical school?

    1. It was the famous physician from the 4th century, Hippocrates, who famously said, “Let food be my medicine and medicine my food.” He understood something the AMA purposely ignores. The AMA requires no nutritional education for medical doctors. Why? Probably because the pharmaceutical companies have monetary interests in keeping Americans sick so they can push their pills. So much for the Hippocratic oath, huh.

      1. Lewis Goudy says:

        The AMA has no say in the matter, much less authority. By its own bylaws it exists solely for the benefit of its members. Its brief does not include education, or for that matter, health.

    2. Lewis Goudy says:

      I believe it’s generally an elective. I asked my cancer surgeon and he told me he had received four hours of instruction in the context of other courses, and that most medical students at the time didn’t take any courses in it. It may be different now.

    3. Jack Cooper says:

      All I know is I went Vegan a little over a year ago and I have lost 120lbs and walk 5k in <1hr without breaking a sweat. So argue that if you can…

    4. John Hill says:

      I heard about 30 hours, maybe more now?

  2. Yes Fred, that’s a good question, I’d like to know that too.

  3. Dell Thomas says:

    Wait, you mean having a balanced nutritional diet can prevent and reverse disease? Whoda thunk it…

  4. A pill for every ill…It is about time that doctors started promoting healthy lifestyles instead of a pill for every ill.

  5. Jeffrey Gee says:

    This is positive they should have been doing that years ago instead of pandering to Big Pharma for profits!

  6. Make your visit to the grocery store your farmacy instead of the pharmacy to pick up some feel good pills.

  7. There is a doctor who has been doing this for over 30 years and his name is Dr. Lawrence Wilson. He has changed thousands of people’s lives including my own. His knowledge and experience creating healthy bodies through diet and mineral supplementation is astounding. Very humble man who trains others who have been helped to help others, absolutely fantastic system of paying it forward. Nutritional Balancing Science is truly medicine of the future. Hair mineral analysis is an amazing tool to help the human body come back into balance but sadly allopathic physicians denounce it as quackery. They are the quacks.

  8. If you are overweight, you are, or will be very sick. Metabolic Syndrome is common with morbid obesity and just being overweight..high cholesterol, high bp and high A1C or fasting blood glucose (borderline diabetic). Eat only fresh, make your own simple food, when at the grocery store, walk on the outside of the food isles only..it’s where the healthy things are located generally. Measure out food on the dinner plate and put the excess away. No finishing up what’s left. Our entire family has changed and everyone is better for it (high cholesterol now normal, high A1C now normal, autoimmune disease in remission)! No pills can cure all these things. Eventually it will catch up to you…only a dedicated, determined individual sick of being told more pills are needed. Have only had two doctors say that the diet is responsible for the improved health. Others just say “whatever works” sick with it. They never recommend it. Only pills.

  9. Chris Foley says:

    I have been doing this for 25 years, and as a board certified internist was ridiculed, mocked, and called a goof ball when I left the cartel insurance grid in 2001. This is nice to see, but these folks are late to the party. The naturopaths, many chiropractors, and a lot of nursing practioners have known this for years. The arslings in organized medicine should all be lined up and given a public enema. When Trump gets done with the drug cartels we might actually get down to some honest healthcare.


  10. Carrots are good for your eyes?Gee, I never heard that from my mother 8000 times.

  11. WOW! We all knew this was true. Why take a drug when a food can cure you? Glad to see doctors waking up, because playing hostage to the big-pharma’s vicious “here’s a lifelong prescription” mentality was collapsing the credibility of the whole medical industry.

    So people have been using Google to search NaturalNews.com for the right foods for the right cures for several years now, and JUST THIS WEEK, oh so PC Google has completely delisted NaturalNews.com!!!!


    Go ahead, see for yourself. Search Google for “arthritis site:naturalnews.com” You get nothing. Not a single thing.

    Now try it in DuckDuckGo. Now try it in BIng. Now try it in Yahoo. You get *everything*.

    I will NEVER use Google for search again! IT COULD MEAN LIFE OR DEATH!!!

  12. Randy Wolf says:

    I recently was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor just broke out the prescription pad and started writing. After many minutes I asked him what I could do to bring it down and he mumbled something about cutting down on salt. I thought that was odd but left it at that. A week or so later I was watching a cop show on BBC and there was an episode where a doctor was drawimg suspicious attention in a case. The detective matter-of-factly commented the doctor “is the type who tells his patients if they are over weight to exercise more, if they have high blood pressure to eat better. So he shames his patients”. It made me realize political correctness has gotten into medicine to the point where Doctors are probably worried about being sued for telling a patient he is fat and it is his fault. Amazing.

  13. John Hill says:

    About time we get away from pharmas. I’ve had good luck using nutrition with mental health patients.

  14. This is mentally ill! MD doctors don’t know anything at all about nutrition and have no business prescribing. They need to refer to someone who does know what they’re doing, like a naturopath.

    Having an MD prescribe your diet is like having a chiropractor prescribe you psych meds or a massage therapist give you narcotics. It’s a REALLY bad idea.

  15. John Min says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading! I won’t get my hopes too high though, but this is a good sign. The problem with healthcare in the USA is that the food makers don’t care about nutrition and the MD’s don’t care about food (I wish I had come up with that, belongs to an Aussie Orthopedist / nutritionist I believe). The education and practice of allopathic medicine is so beholden to the pharmaceutical industry that I don’t think they will allow such heretical ideas to take root and prosper…state medical boards across the country will soon be fining and pulling licenses of any MD that prescribes nutrition over pharmaceuticals as failing in their standards of care. Currently, the practice of medicine is arguably at least the 3rd leading cause of death in this country (completely failing in their Hippocratic Oath), for the public’s sake, let’s hope we’re witnessing the long overdue reformation of the Allopaths. Doctor, DO NO HARM! You can’t begin to be able to achieve that if you don’t understand real nutrition, which is not the garbage they currently peddle, ie, “fat makes you fat and have heart disease…salt causes hypertension, vitamins and minerals are a waste of time” and all the garbage they serve in their hospitals to their sick patients.

  16. The thing that is never going to sell nutrition is the price of nutritious food. Pills are cheaper and can be gotten legally or illegally, in large quantities, whereas a pill relief can be as little as $1.85. I know this because a 30 day supply of a simple med I am prescribed is $1.85 as I have a life long sleep disorder to do with REM stage issues. A bunch of Fresh broccoli in my grocery store runs approximately $2.00 – $3.00 and will serve a family of four one meal. That is what price comparisons will do for people who do not have tons of money or access to food stamps either. By the way triptyphan nor any other natural food source will fix my problem. After 4 straight nights of zero sleep, one seven cent pill keeps me out of the psychiatric ward by knocking me unconscious. Then some one has to watch me sleep so I don’t get into my vehicle sound asleep and drive away.

  17. Dan Roth says:

    It’s called nonsense. Of course if you eat the right stuff you will do better, however, for more acute situations the only appropriate solution is medication. This is just another overblown attempt to treat and/or deal with everything by dietary changes. This is pure, utter nonsense. You deal with each situation in the best manner. Of course, diet can have an impact on just about everything but sometimes you need the damn pills. What is wrong with that? Don’t overdo taking them or eliminating them. Too much of anything is no good.

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