LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  — A new study has confirmed what many Los Angeles residents already know: we have the worst traffic in the world.

LA drivers spend more time stuck in traffic during peak hours than do drivers in any other city on Earth, according to the study, released by traffic research firm INRIX.

Angelenos spent an average of about 104 hours stuck in traffic last year, according to the report. Roughly 13 percent of driving time in Los Angeles last year was spent sitting in traffic, according to the firm.

Moscow ranked second on the list, with drivers in the Russian city spending 91 hours stuck in traffic last year.

Credit: INRIX

Credit: INRIX

New York ranked third, with drivers there averaging 89 hours stuck in traffic last year and San Francisco ranked fourth. San Francisco drivers were stuck in traffic an average of 83 hours last year.

The United States was disproportionately represented atop the firm’s list of most-congested cities: 11 of the 25 worst traffic cities last year were in the United States.

The study points to many direct costs associated with heavy traffic, including the cost of wasted fuel and time, along indirect costs such as businesses passing along the costs of idling trucks to consumers.

LA traffic last year cost the average driver about $2,408 in direct and indirect expenses, according to the study.


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  1. danfrommv says:

    I’m not sure about this. I have driven in Seoul, South Korea, and I will take LA’s traffic any time

  2. City of LA owes me a LOT of money for pain and suffering and lost wages and career opportunities.