RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — The hills of Riverside are apparently speaking to us – albeit with a strange message.

The words “Google Flat Earth” were found carved into Mount Rubidoux this week in letters that were approximately ten feet tall and visible from the air.

An aerial photo posted to social media by the Riverside Police Department’s air support unit showed only the “Google” portion of the message was still discernible as of Feb. 4.

While the Riverside Parks Department brought in crews from a CAL FIRE camp in Norco to re-seed the area so the grass can grow and cover up the letters, a man believed to be behind the message reportedly encountered a city employee at the location Monday.

He was wearing an orange construction-style vest and carrying a shovel and pick, city parks director Adolfo Cruz told the Press-Enterprise.

“The gentleman was telling the staff member that we live on a flat earth,” the report quoted Cruz as saying.

Investigators have identified the suspect, but it wasn’t clear whether he would face any charges.

Riverside police aren’t saying exactly what the message means, but it could refer to an increasingly popularand thoroughly discredited – theory that the Earth is in fact flat, not spherical, in shape.

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  1. badintense says:

    Flat Earth Awakening. “Conspiracy Theory” was a term coined by the CIA to marginalize those investigating and uncovering the real people that murdered John F. Kennedy.

  2. Popular science? Popular nonsense more like, every one of the ten’facts’ are absolute hogwash, we have the technology today that can show us that the earth is flat. We also have fish eye lens,CGI, green screen, Hollywood to make us think it’s a globe. Unless you personally witness anything don’t believe it! Remember WMD, some box cutter wielding Arabs?

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Goodridge. By the way there is going to be a Flat Earth International Convention in North Carolina in November of this year. Maybe you should report on that. And yes that popular science article you have is old news and proven wrong by the flat earth… Next. Enjoy this nice little compilation video and if you haven’t. Research the Flat Earth.

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