GARDEN GROVE ( — A customer, who confronted a Garden Grove convenience store clerk accusing him of being a peeping tom, said she was disgusted.

“It’s just disgusting that someone I see on a regular basis could do this to my friend,” Angie Tafua told CBS2’s Stacey Butler.

She said she still can’t believe that a visit to the 7-Eleven at Newland Street and Westminster Avenue Sunday night ended with her screaming at a clerk.

Tafua said it started when her friend used the store’s restroom then quickly walked out, carrying a mobile phone she found behind the toilet and propped up against a wall – recording her every move.

“I went to the car. She’s sobbing. She shows me the phone in her hand, and you see him set up the phone. You literally see him set it down. You see his face. You see his uniform,” Tafua recalled. “You see him walk out of the bathroom. And then you see her walk in, and her, you know, use the restroom.”

That was when Tafua took matters into her own her hands. “I told her – call the police. I’m going go inside, and I’m going to confront him,” she said.

With her own mobile phone in hand and set on record mode, Tafua went into the store to confront the clerk, who was recorded admitting to placing his phone in the restroom.

“I didn’t really think about what I was doing. I just went in,” she said. “I don’t regret doing because if not for us confronting him, he wouldn’t have confessed on tape. It would have been a he-said, she-said.”

Police arrested Pablo Nava Diaz, 22, of Santa Ana on suspicion of invasion of privacy – a charge Tafua said does not fit the crime.

  1. am not perfect but the story poorly writen the person writing this sounded drunk it is soupose to say am to go inside and call the police not this I’m going go inside Im going go inside makes no sense hope he is not makeing 50k a year

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