CBS Local — Thanks to Google Maps, you can virtually be just about anywhere around the world. Now, someone has put together a grand video comprised of images from Google Maps, Street View and Earth to take a two minute and thirty second extravagant virtual tour around the world.

When the video suggests the use of headphones, take them seriously. It’s wonderful.

The video begins in Italy where you start with seeing some of the most breathtaking images the beautiful country has to offer before floating out into other areas of Europe such as Paris, London and Barcelona. The video brings you to South America then around the United States as well.

The man who created the video is Matteo Archondis. He wanted to “show the potential tools we have to discover the world around us, even if we can’t afford to travel to places far away from home,” he said, via PetaPixel.

This week is Google Maps’ 12th anniversary and it took Archondis compiling more than 3,300 images over two days to complete the video, according to Digital Trends.

Certainly a job well done.


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