SILVER LAKE (  —  A Silver Lake woman was showering early one morning when she came face-to-face with a peeping Tom.

She has since put up a series of fliers around the neighborhood — near Hyperion — warning women to be on the lookout.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait said the victim didn’t want to appear on camera, but she felt it important to get the word out.

The flier delivers a clear warning —  a pervert was seen staring at a woman through a bathroom window. The woman also said her window is not easy to access, it’s 10 feet off the ground.

The woman told police it was around 4 a.n. when she was showering that she saw his face through the window.

“It’s disconcerting to see something like that up in your neighborhood. It’s always been so quiet and so safe,” said Silver Lake resident Alexis Stratton.

She lives next door to the spot where the pervert was peaking inside. Now she’s thinking more about her security and her surroundings.

“I never used to worry about it – now my bathroom window is closed, my front window is closed. I lock everything all the time,” Stratton said.

Some neighbors told Wait they were on edge. But they wanted to let their neighbor know they appreciated her putting up the fliers.

“As a woman I appreciate that  because I wouldn’t have know that someone had done something like that. Seems like they didn’t catch the guy,” said Niketta Scott.

“There’s a lot of actresses, there’s a lot of younger people who live around here, so that’s not good news,” said Matthew Militello upon learning there was a peeper in his neighborhood.

With so many bars and restaurants in the area, some neighbors worry there are too many potential targets.

“It’s creepy but we have a dog and a bunch of roommates so I think we’ll be okay,” said Katherine Cowell.”


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