WHITTIER (CBSLA.com) — Growing up only 15 months apart, Maggie Paxton and Morgan Williams were always close.

Two years ago, Williams pushed Paxton to go see a doctor when she noticed an irregularity in her breast.

She was later diagnosed with ductal carcinoma, a form of breast cancer, and was told she needed to undergo chemotherapy immediately.

Paxton had been trying to get pregnant when she got the news.

“I didn’t know what chemo was like. I didn’t know what cancer was like. But I knew that I wanted to be a mom. And in that moment, I thought I’m not going to be,” Paxton recalled.

Her oncologist explained to her that her cancer was driven by hormones.

“Any surge of hormones, especially during pregnancy, can increase risk of either recurrence or progression of cancer,” said oncologist Dr. Lisa Wang.

Paxton’s only option was adoption or surrogacy. That was when her older sister, Williams, agreed to be her surrogate and carry her children.

“I couldn’t protect her from the cancer. So if I could do this this way, then that was my way of, I guess, protecting her,” Williams explained.

Aa soon as Paxton went into remission last year, the decision was made to implant two embryos.

“I wanted my children to have a sibling. And I tell people – look at what my sibling has done for me,” Paxton said.

On the day of transfer, the sisters and Paxton’s husband, Danny, got the news that the two strongest embryos were girls.

“Danny kept saying: ‘two weddings, two proms, two homecomings,'” Paxton pointed out.

Deanna and Emory were born yesterday at PIH Health hospital in Whittier. They weighed more than five pounds each.

Paxton and her husband were in the delivery room.

“I just kept telling her: ‘I love you and thank you for doing this.’ What do you say?” Paxton showed her gratitude as her eyes welled up with tears.

Two years after she started her cancer fight, Paxton realized her greatest wish and another sisterhood was formed.

“I mean knowing that they’re mine. I feel like it’s a miracle,” Paxton wept.

The family plans to leave the hospital Wednesday and start their sleepless journey as a family of four.

  1. Amelia Jean says:

    So inspiring story! I am so glad that there are such people in the world. It seems that it not the end for us. But at the same time it sucks that there is still such problem as infertility. A lot of people can’t even imagine how many couples are suffering from it. Unfortunately, not all of us can understand how hard it is and that there are not so many options. Actually, it seems that there are only two. The first one is adoption. But I must say that mostly people just want to have their own kid. So they have only one variant – surrogacy motherhood. Here I also should admit that some people can say that it is a child selling but it not true. I am infertile and I hasn’t such blessed sister. So I was fighting with this problem only with my husband. One day we understood that the surrogacy is only option for us to get a child. Yes, it was hard to accept this fact but we have to. And only then we decided to visit one Ukrainian Center for Human Reproduction in Kiev. One of the doctors recommended it to us. That was surprising but the prices there were pretty affordable. We decided to take the program that costs only 30k euros and now we just have to wait for the decision of the clinic if they are agreeing to take us on the program. But I don’t lose my hope! I believe that soon I will be a real mother.

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