LOS ANGELES (CBSLA..com) — At least 25 vehicles were vandalized overnight in a Valley Glen neighborhood, according the Los Angeles Police Department.

More than two dozen people woke up Monday to find their tires slashed.

“It’s so disgusting and so rude,” Kerry Remsen said. “I thought it was just mine. I thought may be someone was mad at me. And then I looked. Every body on the street had the same issue.”

Security video showed the vandal walking from car to car shortly after 2 a.m. and puncturing tires on four streets, including Mammoth Avenue and Hatteras Street.

“I was surprised at how meticulous and slow he was going,” Angie Ware said. “There’s got to be a different consciousness about somebody who’s doing something like this.”

“The scariest thing is that may be some people it didn’t go through. So they could be driving on the freeway. It could blow. They could seriously be hurt,” Ramsen worried.

Police believe the vandalism is random. Nothing was stolen from the cars, they said. The damage is estimated to be in the thousands.

“That’s costing people a lot of money and a lot of time. These people couldn’t go to work today.”

Lily Shlyakman asked: “Why? It’s just unbelievable why someone would do this to so many people.”

The vandal is still on the loose.


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