RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — A cheerleader seriously injured after being dropped during practice last month has made significant progress. Not only was she released from the hospital Monday, she plans to return to school Tuesday and cheer Wednesday.

Kylie Hausman was dropped during cheerleading practice Jan. 18. “When I first fell, my body went into total shock,” the 17-year-old recalled.

She initially lost all feeling in her left leg and couldn’t walk. Almost three weeks later, she was able to walk out of Riverside University Health System Medical Center.

Her mom, Stacy Hausman, is a cheer coach at another school and would like to see Kylie’s school, Citrus Hill High in Perris, make changes to its program.

“There’s always going to be risks. But there’s definitely ways that you can help prevent injuries,” Hausman pointed out.

The teenager doesn’t know when she will fully feel her leg again, but she is up and walking.

She said she hopes to see Garth Brooks in concert and pick up another concert T-shirt because hers was cut off her at the hospital.


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